Environmental Stress Screening

Environmental Stress Screening is an important step in streamlining production control; identifying susceptible defects in both Development and Production Power Electronics.

Temperature Cycling and Vibration Profiles are designed to identify latent failures and extend Operational Field Reliability. Arnold Magnetics offers various ESS Testing Profiles for Product Development, Design Verification and Production Test.

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Temperature Cycling

  • Up to 10C per minute ramp rates
  • Operational and non operational screening
  • Data Retention for up to 24 channels per chamber.
  • Computerized Pass/Fail criteria
  • Up to 80 Hours of Cycling
  • Post Inspection and Performance Testing


  • Random and Sinusoidal Profiles
  • Up to 20G’s
  • 3 Axis Vibration
  • Computerized Profiling
  • Post Inspection and Performance Testing

In addition to Temperature Cycling and Vibration, extended Burn-in is also available.
Consult the Factory for details and applicable Product Line ESS Profiles.

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